Cleaning Up an Oil Leak

The oil tank was close to the foundation outside of this house and it leaked into the ground, the groundwater and underneath the house. The State of New Jersey approved the remediation plan to include excavation of soils from inside of the basement with access through a garage wall instead of lifting the house. The excavation of soils was successful and soil samples showed clean soil leading to the NJDEP issuing of an NFA.

» Soil Remediation

Saving a Homeowner Money

The oil tank was located under a deck that required a small machine as well as the removal of a portion of the deck. The deck was cut into one large piece for it to be re-installed after the ground settled, leaving the homeowner with less restoration expense.

» Tank Removals

Engineering a Tank Removal

The removal of this tank was at the request and insistence of a buyer for a real estate transaction. The project was completed with the previously abandoned oil tank removed from the ground underneath the structure. It was a difficult tank to access having a porch built over the top of it, and removing the tank required a trench to be dug to access the tank with careful engineering as to not disturb footings.

» Tank Removals

Working in Tight Spaces

The tank had to be removed from a tight spot and taken to the staging area from in between two buildings. It required a different machine to be used due to spacial constraints, so we used a very small machine to gain access and successfully removed the tank.

» Tank Removals

Preserving the Structural Integrity of a Building

The removal of an oil tank was a must due to an addition to this building and patio area, and it was located under a patio with an overhang. Engineering was needed to not impede the structural integrity of the overhang and building alike.

» Tank Removals